Tuesday of this week it snowed. Amid the squeals of families sledding in the Clark Park bowl and the ambient hallows of The Woodlands, sacred crystals transformed west Philadelphia into a cathedral of gentleness. Click the image below to watch "Snowbound," which emerged from that day.

Click image to play.

The interior truth here is that human beings don’t long for another world, far beyond the ordinariness of this one. We long for our own world, perceived in all its hidden grandeur. We sense it to be filled with a glory we could see if only we had the gifts of attentiveness and the proper rituals of entry...We want to see the ordinariness of our lives transformed into glory, lifted up to clear view on the horizon of our world, like a snow-capped mountain shimmering in the morning sun. The God we seek is always nearer than we expect.
— from The Solace of Fierce Landscapes by Belden Lane.

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