I was off-trail somewhere in Arizona's Aravaipa Canyon country. There was red sand, cacti, flying insects of surreal proportion and white, wind-pocked hills and mesas that marked a beautiful, fierce landscape. Unbeknownst to me, it was amid that terrain and under that sky that Renew Pictures was born. I was in the extended, climactic point of a five day rite of passage -- an intentional, personal descent spiritually grounded in my faith tradition and tied to the hero's journey across myths, religions and eras.

It was in the midst of that epic indifference where only subtleties of sun and moonlight marked time that I discovered this:

Deep within us, at a soul level, we are the sum of the Divine spark within us, our unique paths and wounds, our presence to each other and the interplay of it all.

I came home from the experience and sat with it for more than a year and remained devoted to my work on my previous venture (MassGrass Media), my parenting, my spiritual practice. Then in August of this year, I realized that for me to continue a storytelling-based livelihood, things would have to change. I would need to align all of it with the new green shoots that had taken root in my heart in that back-country ritual. I decided to get some help.

I turned to Sufi business consultant, mentor and Master Teacher Mark Silver of the Heart of Business. Through his work and facilitation, I was given a lens through which to dispatch the ephemera that stood in the way of bringing who I really was to my livelihood. It was powerful. As I looked across the terrain of my work on MassGrass I found that stories of renewal and hope were central to the collaborations I enjoyed the most. There I caught a groove, and often, my collaborators were transformed through the process of telling their story. Renew Pictures became a clear next step to me.

At its core, Renew believes that every story is sacred, storytelling itself is a sacred act of translation and all translation work is in service to a greater good. With the launching of the Renew Website and its new compendium, ReNews Monthly, I hope you find some of your journey here. If so, I’d love to hear about it.