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Deepening impact. Shortening sell cycles and increasing conversions. Getting that speaking gig. Reaching the masses. Launching a product. Transforming more lives. Seizing the thought or market-leadership mantle. Healing the sick. Going viral. Going rogue. Trending. Revealing the soul of your work. That's what Renew's services do in ways that maximize the clarity, power and intimacy of video.

Pre-Production: Including concepting, scripting, storyboarding, casting, talent coaching, location scouting

Production: Including one to multi-camera productions in recorded and live settings executed on-location or in-studio

Post-Production: Including film, video, audio editing, shaping and retouching; motion graphics; effects and scoring

Film & Video Strategies: Sometimes you're ready to develop a series that crosses an array of mediums -- web, TV or on-site contexts -- in conjunction with reaching diverse audiences with a different purpose. Renew Pictures can help you accomplish that in ways that preserve your story's spirit in the most effective way possible. To that end, we can work with you to develop a strategic direction for film and video production that will empower and equip you to do so.  

Project Outcomes: Outcomes from these services are diverse and include live and recorded genres of both film and video, from ad spots, PSAs and profile pieces to documentaries, educational resources and "viral" video designed for use across online, broadcast, cable and mobile outlets.

Project Infrastructure: With each project, Renew Pictures develops communication vehicles tailored to your needs that report on progress and collaborative steps throughout our journey together.  

To see a sampling of projects, check out The Work. To learn more about the process set in detail, visit The Approach.

In addition to being highly strategic, dedicated and articulate, Scott has the unique ability to breathe life and creativity into each and every project — a powerful combination that creates impact and value for his clients. Scott is also an inspiring mentor and manager who enables his team to excel. Scott would be a tremendous asset to countless organizations and causes.
— Erika Prinz Freed, L.Ac., Olo Acupuncture

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