Hand Crafted Productions Based in Shared Story, Execution and Delivery.

Renew Pictures was founded on the idea that the power of video is unlocked through story.

That's why you need a storyteller who gets video, can get your story out of you, and can deliver it with integrity in a way that supports where you are going.

There are three principles that drive steps in the process of how this works:

1. You and your work are comprised of stories

These stories need to be identified, prioritized and mapped to the objectives you have for reaching and deepening relationships with your audiences. We do this together.

2. The story that ultimately gets told must navigate a series of creative and technical choices that are executed with excellence.

It's a journey that culminates in a video production and, usually, post-production (also known as editing). I lead the process of navigating these choices with as much input from you as you want or need. Then we execute the production and post-production of the video or series of videos.

3. You need someone who understands how you reach audiences today and can best advise you on how to use video with and in addition to all of it.

That could be really complex (a global brand, sales and marketing strategy) or simple (I write books and blog and speak and lecture). Either way? I work from this foundation and provide this perspective throughout our collaboration.

What backs these principles and process? Read more About Renew and Scott.

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Scott is one of the most creative and professional people I have ever worked with. He is an expert in his field and I will highly recommend his services
— Christo Schutte, Founder, The Game Within

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