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I founded Renew Pictures as MassGrass Media in 2009 after a long career at the intersection of branding and video. It quickly became clear that a majority of people I worked with were involved in some sort of innovation, healing or advocacy connected to rebuilding, sustaining or empowering individuals, communities and the planet.

Moreover, while my technical expertise was in high demand, the thing that most folks were struggling with came down to identifying, solidifying and preserving the heart and spirit of their stories in ways that would have ultimate impact and fulfill their original vision.

Concurrent with this epiphany, I welcomed my first-born son, Sevi, into the world and at the same time deepened my experience and practice of contemplative spirituality grounded in my faith tradition. Both had life-changing implications.

After moving through a rite of passage experience in the Arizona desert, the path for my work became clear and Renew Pictures was born to apply deep visual storytelling expertise arising from a grounded heart and a deep joy that results from meaningful collaboration.


Scott Gleeson Blue, Founder & Producer

Those who encounter and work with Renew feel an immediate difference, a sense of empowerment, a feeling of clarity and an access to a storytelling medium and approach that communicates and engages in incredibly personal and inspiring ways.

That’s because my career has been forged through some unique geographies and experiences. With 20 years of in this work, my career began as a freelancer in video production with the likes of CNN, ABC Sports and TBS Sports.

After graduate school, I launched upon a long journey into brand marketing at the intersection of video, working with three award winning marketing communications firms in four cities (Connors Communications in Minneapolis and San Francisco; Allison & Partners in Los Angeles and Zer0 to 5ive in Philadelphia).

I was fortunate to have collaborated with a list of ventures, companies and causes that I helped mold into household names, including Priceline, Edmunds.com and idealab!, and established companies that were moving into new markets or rolling out new products, services and programs (Nordstrom, Deloitte., Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).

The diversity of my work gave me an ability to plop down in the middle of virtually any setting and begin the process of distilling the power of organizations and their people and then translating all of it into stories worthy of big and small screens.

It’s a passion – so much so that I’ve taught and lectured on my work at Bethel University (St. Paul, MN), Azusa Pacific University (Los Angeles), The University of Southern California, UCLA, Neumann University (Aston, PA) and Drexel University (Philadelphia).

I was also on the executive committee of the CalTech-MIT Enterprise forum. I hold a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications from Asbury University (Kentucky) and a master’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism from the University of Tennessee (I am a Vol for life and bleed orange).

I currently live in Philadelphia with my wife, son and two cats. We’re a part of the vibrant mash-up of people, cultures, arts and locally-focused ventures that comprise the West Philadelphia neighborhood.



Scott is one of the most creative minds I’ve come across in my fifteen years of professional life. He sees the world from a different view...those insights [have always been] incredibly valued by his clients and his peers.
— Jonathan Heit, President, Allison+Partners

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